The top-ranked workout songs will be game-changers for your 2017 sweat sessions

By Lauren Mazzo
January 10, 2017
Getty Images

It's that time of year-when gym attendance and motivation to crush New Year's resolutions is at an all-time high. The real test, however, isn't making the resolution, but sticking to it. (That's where these motivation and goal-crushing tricks come in.)

One of the best ways to boost your energy and get to the gym? Some killer beats. Seriously-science shows that music has insane benefits for your workout. Not only does it help you find your pace while running and boost your endurance, it also increases your desire to move in the first place. (More on those benefits here: 5 Reasons Workout Music Is Your Secret to Sweat Success.) So if you're dreading the gym, turn up the David Guetta and you just might find yourself itching to work out rather than craving the couch.

But what if you're facing an especially tough Tabata or HIIT routine? (Hi, burpees.) Turns out, music can actually help make grueling workouts less miserable. A new study just found that music can actually make HIIT-style workouts feel easier and even make you more likely to go back for more.

If this hasn't convinced you to turn up the volume, this playist-based on Spotify's top workout playlists, artists, songs, and fitness trends-will surely do the trick. These 10 songs got more listens than any other workout songs in the app, so you know they work.

Listen to the full playlist below, and follow Shape x Fitness on Spotify to get all the latest, greatest workout music for crushing your resolutions and making 2017 your #PersonalBest. (What else might help? These motivational trainer mantras that will inspire you to reach your goals.)

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