These hit summer songs from the '90s and 2000s will give you serious déjà vu

By Lauren Mazzo
June 16, 2016

There are certain songs that will give you instant déjà vu to that time in high school driving in your friend's car, that break in college when you had a hot summer fling, or two summers ago when you spent that amazing day tailgating before a big concert. Those songs-the anthems of summers passed-have a special #TBT quality: They'll get you up and dancing in a heartbeat, yelling "OMG, I haven't heard this song in forever! I love this one!"

In the spirit of all those summer feels, here's a selection of some Billboard Top 10 summer hits from the last 15-ish years, guaranteed to conjure up some fond, fun memories. Start at the beginning to dive deep into the '90s, or start halfway through to remember the best of the early 2000s' summer jams, and work your way up to 2015. Whether you're throwing back to Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Backstreet Boys, or to the rise of Katy Perry and The Black-Eyed Peas, this playlist will keep you grooving through summer 2016 until you find your go-to anthem for this year. The best part: They're all upbeat enough to power you through any workout, but also make a great choice for poolside chilling or driving with the windows down.

If you're really just looking for and excuse to listen to *NSYNC and Hanson, this boy band playlist has you covered. Ditto if you want the girl-power ladies of the '90s. Trying to #TBT into an older era? Here are our picks for classic rock perfect for pumping iron.

Listen to the full throwback summer anthem playlist below, and check out Shape X Fitness on Spotify to follow us and stay updated on our latest workout jams.