Download the songs that power these fitness bloggers through an intense workout.

The perfect workout playlist has the power to transform an intense, fat-burning workout into a fun sweat session that doesn't even feel like exercise. We polled 13 top health and fitness bloggers for their favorite amped-up workout songs. They run the gamut from hip hop to rock to pop, but they'll all help you pump out every last rep, set, and step!

Great Fitness Experiment


Charlotte Andersen of The Great Fitness Experiment amps up her high-intensity workouts with music to match. "I need music that is really fast-paced and fun enough to keep my mind off the pain!" she says.

Her picks:

Fit Bottomed Girls


Jennipher Walters of Fit Bottomed Girls relies on pop princesses like Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears to pump up her routine. "'Criminal' isn't super fast, but I've found that it makes the best recovery song when doing run/walk intervals," she says. "It's upbeat, fun, and just the right speed."

Her picks:

Melinda's Fitness Blog


Fast-packed rock music gives Melinda Friedland of Melinda's Fitness Blog a surge of energy. "Right now, 'This Is Gonna Hurt' can easily push me to do a few extra reps or run a bit farther during the few extra minutes that it takes to play the song," she says.

Her picks:

Running off the Reeses


Cely of Running off the Reeses rocks out to several different playlists depending on her mood, but this one reflects her current state of mind. "Right now, I love these songs because they channel my current anger and irritation with exercise in general," she says. "They all feature a decent beat, which helps me remember to actually pick my feet up instead of just dragging them down the street!"

Her picks:

One Twenty Five


One Twenty Five's Liz confesses that she has a unique workout playlist-of talking books! "I found when I was training for my marathons I'd be running so much I'd get bored of my music faster than I could download it," she says. "Talking books are great for running. They let your mind wander. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but sometimes I listen to trashy novels while running. They're the easiest type of books to get distracted from, but then come back to and not be completely lost; plus, when they get juicy, you really do forget you're running."

Her picks:

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard

Black Girls Run


To rev up their routine, Toni and Ashley of Black Girls Run listen to songs with a funky groove. "It's essential for a hard run or workout!".

Their picks:

Cranky Fitness


Jan of Cranky Fitness has no shame in her game when it comes to cranking out calorie-burning ditties. "The older I get, the less I seem to care how demented I look rocking out to high BPM tunes on the elliptical," she says. "For fast walking, an awesome 2-hour, free podcast of DJ Maryalice's addictive dance tune mix sends me out roaming the streets after dinner instead of plopping on the couch."

Her picks:

Running Diva Mom


Catchy hip hop beats make Running Diva Mom's Jamie feel like she's dancing (when she's really exercising)! "The upbeat tempos, consistent rhythm, and rhyming help keep my feet moving on the treadmill," she says. "'I Can Transform Ya' reminds me of when I'm coaching my clients. I wish I could blast this tune while we run together to motivate them to keep going and [remind them] they are changing with each step, that this will become a lifestyle change, and their life will forever be transformed."

Her picks:

Jill Will Run


Jill of Jill Will Run perks up whenever she listens to her favorite motivational tunes. "A lot of runners like Eminem's 'Lose Yourself', but the song 'Without Me' has such a great tempo, my pace always picks up by about a minute when this comes on," she says.

Her picks:

Jess Runs


Jess of Jess Runs has a diverse musical taste but favors a faster beat when she's working out. "'Lose Yourself' is my all-time favorite song to run to because it has the perfect beat to match my footfalls," she says. "'Dirt Road Anthem' is perfect on runs where you want to zone out and just go. Listening to country music makes me feel like I could run forever."

Her picks:

Fit Chick in the City


Jess of Fit Chick In The City doesn't hit the gym without songs that feature infectious beats. "'Internet Killed The Radio Star' is great for spinning, core work, and running," she says.

Her picks:

The Fitnessista


Since she's currently nine months pregnant, The Fitnessista's Gina says that motivational workout music is more essential than ever. "'I'm a Zumba instructor, so Zumba songs have a tendency to sneak into my workout playlists," she says. "They're upbeat and great for high-intensity cardio. 'Pegate' is a fast merengue-I love it! 'Allegretto' is fantastic for sprints or hills. The fact that it's instrumental forces me to focus on the beat of the music and my workout of choice, instead of song lyrics."

Her picks:

Losing Weight in the City


Theodora of Losing Weight in the City is an indie music fan, but she prefers pop music when she's pumping iron! "Anything catchy that puts a smile on my face helps me push through," she says. "I'm shamelessly a fan of 'Party in the U.S.A.' because it makes me want to dance while I'm working out. 'Last Nite' has a good, consistent beat that keeps me going."

Her picks:

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