Love is in the air...or at least in this month's free workout mix! SHAPE and have partnered to bring you the hottest in today's top hits, and what could be more appropriate for the month of February than a love-themed playlist? Grab someone you love-whether it's your significant other, a best friend, or a family member-and amp up your workout to this fun, fast-paced playlist.

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1. When Love Takes Over

(Originally made famous by David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland)

2. Love Like This

(Originally made famous by Natasha Bedingfield)

3. Your Love is My Drug

(Originally made famous by Ke$ha)

4. If It's Love

(Originally made famous by Train)

5. Somebody to Love

(Originally made famous by Justin Bieber)

6. Love Song

(Originally made famous by Sara Bareilles)

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