There's something about that perfect workout playlist that just helps you go the extra mile. But if you're still searching for that song that will help you hit your stride, no worries: We've got the perfect playlist for you! Once again, SHAPE and have partnered together to bring you today's hottest beats. From Madonna to David Guetta to Adele, there's a song on this list for everyone, no matter what your workout style.

1. Call Me Maybe

(Originally made famous by Carly Rae Jepsen)

2. Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle)

(Originally made famous by Laurent Wery ft. Dev)

3. Girl Gone Wild

(Originally made famous by Madonna)

4. Titanium

(Originally made famous by David Guetta feat. Sia)

5. Rumour Has It

(Originally made famous by Adele)

6. Give Me All Your Luvin'

(Originally made famous by Madonna feat. Nicki Minaj & MIA)

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