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Download Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Weightlifting Playlist

Photo: Under Armour

If you're one of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 109 million followers on Instagram, you know that those biceps don't grow themselves. DJ posts Instagrams of his training in the Iron Paradise so often that it can even make an avid gym-goer feel like they're slacking off. (ICYDK, the Iron Paradise is the name of his personal gym because it's basically what a lifter's gym dreams are made of.)

The Rock is the ultimate lesson in no-excuses workout motivation, considering he makes time to train even when he just hopped off a 14-hour, red-eye flight or it's 4 a.m. and he has 12 hours of filming ahead of him. How the eff does he do it?! (More inspo: Here's how some badass, committed women wake up at 4 a.m. to work out.)

While you can't exactly hack the secret to his relentless dedication, now, at least, you can steal his workout playlist.

To celebrate the launch of his new Under Armour wireless training headphones, The Rock is generously sharing his favorite training playlist, "Iron Paradise Airwaves," on Spotify for you to get ~swole~ to on your own.

So what, exactly, does The Rock listen to while he trains? Hint: It's not J-Biebs. The playlist is full of the jams you'd imagine an NFL team blasting in the locker room before a big game (example A: "We Ready" by Archie Eversole). Then there's a smattering of hard rock music (no pun intended, but LOL)—including "Rocky Mountain Way" by Godsmack and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica—and a selection of intense rap and can't-not-dance-to-this hip-hop—like "Move Bitch" by Disturbing The Peace and Ludacris, "Burn" by Rick Ross, the Drake remix of Rihanna's "Lemon," and "I Like It" by Cardi B. (And if you saw The Rock's "Hit the Quan" dance video go viral on the internet in 2015, you know he is without-a-doubt dancing and twerking to these songs between sets.)

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the secret to The Rock's motivation (and muscles) might be F-bombs: All but three of the songs on the playlist are marked explicit. (Honestly, it's not surprising: Swearing can legit help your score a better workout.)

Head to Spotify to add the playlist to your personal library, or listen below—and go get your lift on. Even better? Try The Rock's total-body lifting routine for yourself while decked out in some of his Under Armour training gear. It's basically guaranteed that you'll have the best workout of your life.


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