Music superstar and avid runner Ellie Goulding composed an original mix of her own songs for Spotify Running

By Kylie Gilbert

Spotify Running is a game changer, created to give you a non-stop mix of your favorite music, all perfectly synced to your stride. You pick your tempo and Spotify will automatically play tunes timed to your steps-making you both a faster and happier runner. (After all, the right music is scientifically proven to help you run at your best.)

Now, the music platform is introducing the latest from Spotify Running: 'Escape by Ellie Goulding.' The original compilation from the British superstar-and our kickass, six-pack-abs-rocking-December cover girl-is a combination of old and new remixes from Goulding and is designed as an escape for runners. Fitting, considering Goulding is an avid runner herself (she's completed five half-marathons!) and often describes running as an escape from the pressures of work and life on the road.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create a unique mix for Spotify Running," says Goulding. "Health is something I'm very passionate about, with music playing a big part in my personal fitness regime. That's why it was such an exciting challenge to create a mix of my own songs-old and new-that could become a part of other people's regimes."

Cue up her compilation on the Spotify app, and check out an exclusive playlist from Goulding-straight out of our December issue-to hear the songs she's currently working out to.

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