Fire up your next sweat session with the best of bands, DJs, and solo artists converging in the California Desert

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The hottest music and arts (and some would say fashion) festival of the summer kicks off on Friday: Coachella. With more than 150 acts, fans work up a sweat in the California sun racing from stage to stage to be sure they don't miss out on discovering new artists and checking out old favorites. But if you can't make it, you can pretend you're there while working up a sweat during your favorite workout (or simply dancing around at home) while listening to this playlist of new and great artists performing this year.

In the great category, you've got the headliners-Muse, Outkast, and Arcade Fire. In the new (but also great) category, you've got crossover success Bastille, the signature stomp of Sleigh Bells, and DJ duo Flight Facilities. Whatever your preference in workout music-rock, rap, dance-there's an artist or band at Coachella with whom you'll be smitten.

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