Get-Pumped for the Emmys Workout Playlist

From Breaking Bad to OITNB, we compiled the best workout songs from your favorite shiws to get you ready for the red carpet


The biggest night is television is nearing, and in honor of the Emmy Awards, we listened to soundtracks from some of the year's top television shows to compile the tracks with serious workout potential. This upbeat playlist pays tribute to your favorite TV while serving as an awesome companion for your next trip to the gym.

Starting with the blasts from the past, Scandal and The Newsroom mix their modern settings with throwback tracks from Stevie Wonder and The Who. Mad Men, too, relies on tunes from the '60s-if out of necessity. "Midnight Confessions," which was featured on the show last season, is a timeless workout song with four-on-the-floor drums and an army of horns that can kick-start any routine.

Flash-forward in time and tempo, the fastest songs in our round-up come courtesy of Ray Donovan and The Good Wife-French Montana's star-studded collaboration "Pop That" and Sleater-Kinney's tight and sassy "You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun." When you're ready to run, either of those songs are enough to get you going.

For activities such as strength-training or barre where you need a slower tempo without sacrifing energy, check out the dubstep dance anthem "Bonfire" from Breaking Bad or the rap track "Girlz Like 2 Party" from Orange is the New Black.

On the whole, 2014's nominated shows have made for lots of great TV. But, taken together, their soundtracks also have the makings of an eclectic workout playlist. So grab a few tunes from the mix below, and see if anything moves you-literally.

Silicon Valley

Green Day - Minority - 138 BPM


Stevie Wonder - Superstition - 101 BPM

Breaking Bad

Knife Party - Bonfire - 87 BPM

Ray Donovan

French Montana, Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne - Pop That - 138 BPM

Mad Men

The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions - 135 BPM

The Good Wife

Sleater-Kinney - You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun - 144 BPM

The Americans

Modern English - I Melt with You - 156 BPM


Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals - 94 BPM

The Newsroom

The Who - Baba O'Riley - 115 BPM

Orange is the New Black

Envy & Dos featuring CyHi the Prynce - Girlz Like 2 Party - 82 BPM

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