Get revved and ready to row with these 8 energizing tracks

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You don't want to miss the boat on this one! Our latest HIIT workout playlist pairs perfectly with a metabolism-revving rowing workout that you can download right here! Kick off your half-hour cardio sesh on the oft-overlooked rowing machine with a motivational anthem from Britney Spears, followed by six energizing songs between 140 and 160 beats per minute to help you get a good rhythm going.

Alternate rowing (or your cardio of choice) at a high intensity with 90-seconds of sculpting moves until Coldplay comes on, in a catchy, little-known mashup by Swedish House Mafia. As soon as you hear Chris Martin's smooth vocals, it's time to start cooling down. Whether you're rowing, running, or spinning, songs in this BPM range will match your pace pretty closely when interval training, so this playlist works well with whatever cardio exercise you prefer.

Total Time: 33:48

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