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The Intense Workout Playlist That Will Power Your Weight Lifting Sessions

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Justin Bieber's songs are officially catchy enough that you don't have to call yourself a "Belieber" to be a fan. But when you're lifting heavy weights and need some tough-girl fuel, "Love Yourself" isn't the best fit. That's why we created this workout playlist—it's for the days when the squat rack or powerlifting platform is your therapy, and you need more "beast mode" than "bubbly."

It has the perfect music ingredients for a killer lift sesh: a little confidence-boosting Kanye (because if he's good for one thing, it's self-praise), some head-nodding Wiz Khalifa beats, A$AP Rocky for the real intense moments, and some Beyoncé/Nicki/RiRi magic to get the girl-power feels going. (Just don't start feelin' yourself so much that you turn into a weight room snob.)

Having the right music can be key to your workout success. It can help you get that coveted workout endorphin high or help you push past the point of uncomfortable burn or fatigue. Did you know your brain even has an ideal rhythm that your body will best respond to?

Though these jams might not be your go-to playlist while doing your morning makeup, they will definitely fire you up in the gym. (And you need beats for your cooldown, run, or other workouts, try these 4 Playlists Proven to Add Power to Your Workout.) Press play below to listen now, or click the playlist to save it into your Spotify library. (And don't forget to follow SHAPE x Fitness to stay up-to-date with our latest workout jams!)


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