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Lilith Fair Artists Reveal Their Favorite Workout Songs


Sarah McLachlan: Get Chilled Out and Powered Up
What she's been up to: Just released her eighth album, The Laws of Illusion.
Why these tunes move her: "The relaxing melody of the Brian Eno song is perfect for yoga. And these tunes from the Killers' Hot Fuss album help me power through a run."




Brian Eno - 1/1 - 82 BPM

The Killers - Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - 114 BPM

The Killers - Mr. Brightside - 148 BPM


Martina McBride: Kick Your Workout into High Gear
What she's been up to: On the road with the Shine All Night Tour.
Why these tunes move her: "These have a driving rhythm that keep me going during my kickboxing routine."



Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody - 135 BPM

Lady Antebellum - I Run To You - 115 BPM

Keith Urban - Sweet Thing - 104 BPM

Corinne Bailey Rae: Get Your Groove On
What she's been up to: Released her second album, The Sea, this past January.
Why these tunes move her: "Dancing is my workout, and when I hear the first chords of each of these songs, I want to start grooving."


The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down - 82 BPM

Bjork - Wanderlust - 129 BPM

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover - 116 BPM

Jill Scott: Get Energized
What she's been up to: Will release her fourth album, The Light of the Sun, this August.
Why these tunes move her: "The positive energy in these songs helps me push past my limits, whether I'm on a cardio machine or cranking out crunches."


Lauryn Hill - To Zion - 94 BPM

Lupe Fiasco - Streets On Fire - 110 BPM

Alicia Keys - Superwoman - 82 BPM

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Miranda Lambert: Hit Your Stride
What she's been up to: Won the 2010 Academy of Country Music Vocalist of the Year award.
Why these tunes move her: "I always play these tracks while running on the treadmill. When Beyoncé comes on, I picture her amazing body, and I tell myself, ‘If you want to look like her, you've gotta keep going.'"


Britney Spears - Circus - 115 BPM

Audioslave - Show Me How To Live - 93 BPM

Beyonce - Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) - 98 BPM

Suzanne Vega: Power Your Walk
What she's been up to: Released her eighth album, Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs in February.
Why these tunes move her: "My go-to workout is walking, and these tunes help me keep a fast pace."


Amerie - 1 Thing - 101 BPM

Foo Fighters - Best Of You - 130 BPM

M.I.A. - Hombre - 107 BPM

Colbie Caillat: Pump It Up
What she's been up to: Won two Grammys in 2010 for her collaboration on Taylor Swift's Fearless album and Jason Mraz's single, "Lucky."
Why these tunes move her: "I love to hear these tracks when I jog, lift weights, and cool down—in that order!"


Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie - 91 BPM

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind - 86 BPM

Common - The Light - 97 BPM

Sara Bareilles: Take a Hike
What she's been up to: Serenaded the Obamas during a performance at the White House in April.
Why these tunes move her: "My top three picks for hiking: They have an infectious rhythm, and I can't help but sing the lyrics out loud."


Justin Timberlake - Senorita - 98 BPM

Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse - Valerie - 111 BPM

Phoenix - Lisztomania - 98 BPM

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