By Chris Lawhorn
August 13, 2014

As Miley's 2013 twerking bonanza proved, the MTV Video Music Awards is a show where anything goes-no censors here! But even if you're expecting the unexpected, it might be helpful to have some idea of what's in store this Sunday night. In the playlist below, we've run through the main categories from the upcoming awards and highlighted the songs likeliest to rock both the broadcast and your workout.

Leading the pack-with eight nominations-is everyone's favorite diva, Beyoncé. Her racy tribute to limousine tomfoolery doubles as a great warm-up track with rumbling bass that gives the song's slower tempo some momentum. Tied for second with seven nominations apiece are co-ed rap stars Eminem and Iggy Azalea. His "Berzerk" has all the energy that the title suggests and her collaboration with Charli XCX, "Fancy," is just as infectious. Both will give you the boost you need when you're ready to turn things up in the gym.

Elsewhere, you'll find a mix of big hits, new faces, and crossover successes from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Martin Garrix, and Sia. Picking up a few tracks below will give you an easy way to freshen up your fitness playlist while getting acquainted with the nominees before the show.

Video of the Year

Best Hip-Hop Video

Best Male Video

Best Female Video

Best Pop Video

Best Rock Video

Artist to Watch

Best Collaboration

MTV Clubland Award

Best Choreography

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