My "I'd Rather Be Anywhere" Workout Playlist

10 songs that can turn your mood around and make you want to sweat


How many times have you walked intro the gym and imagined all the other places you'd rather be? A few that repeatedly come to mind: sunbathing in the tropics, attending an extravagant dinner party, or curled up on my couch watching Desperate Housewives.

There are times when I can convince myself to forget the workout and go make one of these scenarios a reality (at least the Desperate Housewives marathon), but I know I will look and feel significantly better if I push these fantasies to the back of my mind and start sweating. Fortunately, I have a powerful workout partner to help: My iPod. There are so many talented artists who not only help get me into training mode, but also make my workouts fun (and fly by!). Here's my latest powered-up playlist:

Nero - Promises (Skrillex remix) - 142 BPM

Adele - Rolling in the Deep - 105 BPM

Skrillex - Breakn' a Sweat - 140 BPM

Edward Sharpe - Home - 113 BPM

The Gaslight Anthem- The Patient Ferris Wheel - 91 BPM

Rhianna- We Found Love - 128 BPM

Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Nero remix) - 140 BPM

The Wanted - Glad You Came - 127 BPM

Flo Rida & Sia - Wild Ones - 129 BPM

Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care of Our Own - 123 BPM

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