Summertime sweat inspo, brought to you by Spotify

By Lauren Mazzo

You know how a certain song can come on the radio and-BAM-take you back to that one summer in high school when you got your first car? Or another will instantly transport you to that family beach vacay or college summer spent abroad? Well, Spotify just came out with the list of jams that will forever remind you of summer 2016. Even better-they're all prime for crushing your workout.

The viral hits in the top spots won't surprise you: Ariana Grande's "Into You", "One Dance"by Drake (featuring Wizkid and Kyla), and Justin Timberlake's "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING." (If you want to add some #TBTs from these fave artists, just cue up some "Bang Bang" a lá 2014 Ariana, "Over" by 2010 Drake, and 2002 JT's "Rock Your Body" to reminisce summers passed.)

Spotify's playlist also includes hits from Jason Derulo, Calvin Harris, and girl group Fifth Harmony, as well as ones from up-and-coming artists like The Chainsmokers, Desiigner, and Frenship. If you're a die-hard summer country fan (because what goes better with sunshine and beer than a little country twang?) then you'll be pleased to know that Keith Urban's "Wasted Time" made the list as well. (If country is your go-to workout soundtrack, then this playlist is for you.)

While our Queen (Bey) isn't on this list of top summer songs, you can bet we'll still be blasting her new album while sipping a little #Lemonade. (Try this workout playlist of all-things-Beyoncé if you need to channel her fierce attitude.)

Give the official playlist a listen below, or follow Shape x Fitness on Spotify to get access to all our kickass workout playlists. We guarantee there's one that will fuel your fire-whether it's boy band hits or '80s rock.

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