Spring clean your workout routine by swapping in these new hits for your old favorites


Winter's finally over, and this month we're loving sunny songs that get us inspired to exercise outside. That's why our latest top 10 list is full of energizing and upbeat tracks that'll propel you into the great outdoors. In this playlist, you'll find Foster the People channeling David Bowie, a Miley Cyrus slow jam reinvented as a club banger, and a Wisin song that pairs Jennifer Lopez with Ricky Martin. Extra kudos to Kylie Minogue, whose song "Into the Blue" was voted into last month's top 10 and returns this month in a ferocious remix.

Don't waste another moment: Get some tunes, get your shoes, and get moving. Spring is here!

The full list is according to votes placed at RunHundred.com, the web's most popular workout music website.

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