Fresh new songs from Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea mix with uptempo remixes of familiar hits from Gwen Stefani and David Guetta for an unstoppable gym mix

By Chris Lawhorn

Remixes reign supreme this month with new versions of recent hits taking up half the spots in February's Top 10 list. This is a blessing for those in search of musical inspiration, since these uptempo updates take the most popular tracks in the gym right now and accentuate their beats and momentum.

Songs getting a makeover include the latest from from Gwen Stefani, a club anthem from David Guetta, and a three-way collaboration between Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, and Pitbull. Meanwhile, the other half of this month's list includes a Taylor Swift song you might recognize from a Target commercial, a seriously high-BPM (beats-per-minute) track from Fall Out Boy that pays tribute to a scene from Pulp Fiction, and the follow-up to Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne's breakthrough smash "Rather Be."

By combining new music from Top 40 regulars with re-workings of existing favorites, this month's list strikes a fine balance between fresh and familiar sounds-both of which will come in handy when you're ready to get sweaty.

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred.

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.

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