Summer might be winding down, but you'd never guess it from this sunny set of songs. Our September top 10 list kicks off with a remix of Calvin Harris' ode to the warmest season, and the playlist continues to heat up from there.

The biggest winner of the month is Nicki Minaj, who appears once with some help from Sir Mix-a-Lot and again alongside Jessie J and Ariana Grande. Her first song, "Anaconda," has an abundance of energy and plenty of attitude to spare, the perfect combo for your warm-up. Meanwhile, her collaboration "Bang Bang" is this month's fastest number, making it ideal for running or HIIT.

If your fitness playlist is already heavy on Top 40 tracks, and you're looking to branch out, this mix also features a number of fun, accessible songs that have been making more noise in the club circuit than on the radio. To that end, you can check out the latest in Nero's string of nightlife epics and a remix of Robyn and Röyksopp's latest single. The hook of the latter finds Robyn announcing that she's going to do what she wants-and then do it again. So, if you're looking for a go-to anthem when your energy is running low, this blast of assertive enthusiasm might be just what you need.

Although the competition between artists to release the biggest song of the summer should have died down by now, the last few weeks have introduced one new hit after another. If you take advantage of this gold mine of high-energy music, and get outside for some exercise, you just might be able to squeeze out an extra month out of summer. Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred-the web's most popular workout music blog.

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