Boot, scoot, and boogie the pounds away with 5 country queens and the Flo Rida of twang.


Pop music gets all the love in the gym. And it's not surprising-there's a pretty basic formula at work. Namely, if a song is in the Top 40 and faster than 100 beats per minute, there's a good chance you'll hear it during your sweat session. On average, the Top 40 charts include 10 new tracks each month that fit this criteria. In comparison, it's taken me three years of monitoring the country charts just to find six songs that fit the bill.

Rather than wait a few more years to round out a top 10 list, I'm just going to tell you what I've found so far. Women obviously dominate the proceedings, but while perusing the country charts for uptempo tracks, I found that no one has produced more contenders than Keith Urban. In other words, Keith Urban is to country music what Flo Rida (or Pitbull) is to the top 40. He's the king of workout jams.

Check out his best and the rest of my findings below.

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