The best pumped-up tracks from the artists who've graced our cover

By Chris Lawhorn

A number of amazing musical artists have been featured on the cover of SHAPE over the years. When considered together, their song catalogs make up an eclectic workout playlist-which might include a funky cut from Mandy Moore, a remix from Pink, or one of LeAnn Rimes' contributions to the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.

We've compiled 10 upbeat tunes from these fit and fabulous SHAPE cover models. Check out their songs and get inspired to sweat!

Britney Spears

Jordin Sparks

Want more on Jordin? Check out the total-body workout routine that helped her lose 50 pounds!


Get even more motivation from Queen Bey with her most inspiring quotes, along with behind-the-scenes photos from her April 2013 cover shoot.


Want sexy abs like Jewel? Try her do-anywhere abs routine.

LeAnn Rimes

What keeps this svelte singer smiling? Check out a few of her favorite things here!

Katharine McPhee

The blond bombshell who appeared on our February 2010 issue has since rediscovered her long, brunette locks. One thing that hasn't changed: That amazing rock-solid bod! Steal her best fitness secrets here!


What goes on behind the scenes at a SHAPE cover shoot? Watch this exclusive video to find out! (Bonus: Pink reveals the No. 1 exercise that shrinks her body!)

Vanessa Hudgens

What's on Hudgens' personal workout playlist? It might surprise you! Click here for five of her go-to treadmill tracks.

Nicole Scherzinger

Say goodbye to arm jiggle and ab flab with Scherzinger's top five moves to firm up common trouble spots.

Mariah Carey

From pop diva to mother of two, see how this talented singer's body has transformed over the years.

Mandy Moore

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