Hit the gym with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and 8 more acts who found fame singing on TV

By Chris Lawhorn
Updated: March 11, 2014
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Despite the ever-growing number of singing competition shows, X Factor and American Idol remain most popular. Interestingly, X Factor's UK edition contributes more songs to the American Top 40 chart than its domestic edition. It might not air on TV in the States, but you've likely heard a few former UK contestants on the radio, including Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd, and One Direction. American Idol favorites need less of an introduction here, as its alumni have prevailed in a variety of genres: pop (Kelly Clarkson), rock (Daughtry), country (Carrie Underwood), and so on. Whichever talent show or type of music you prefer, you can use the playlist below to survey the changing musical landscape while jogging over a real one.

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone - 131 BPM

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back - 99 BPM

Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone - 118 BPM

Daughtry - Renegade - 157 BPM

Jordin Sparks - I Am Woman - 93 BPM

One Direction - Kiss You - 90 BPM

Carrie Underwood - Blown Away - 138 BPM

Katharine McPhee - Over It - 84 BPM

Leona Lewis & Avicii - Collide (Extended Mix) - 124 BPM

Adam Lambert – If I Had You - 132 BPM

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