Your Hit-the-Pavement Urban Running Playlist

Invigorate your running workouts with fresh picks for your exercise playlist, including cool, urban hits and hot remixes from your favorite artists

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Anyone who's lived in the ‘burbs can tell you that urban running is a completely different experience then running in a neighborhood. Whether you're dodging traffic or waiting for a light to change, there's a lot more happening in the city-and way more distractions that could hinder your progress. To embrace the hustle and bustle of city life, we've put together a playlist to help you stay focused, feel more powerful, and keep a steady pace on your runs.

The 40-minute mix below kicks off with an ode to pop culture fan favorite, Pulp Fiction-specifically, Uma's Thurman's badass character-before moving on to the sleeper trap hit "Till It Hurts" (when you get a chance, watch the music video to really connect with the message-trust us, picturing it will make you run harder!).

The rest of the songs fuse hip-hop, pop, and rock for a totally urban feel. From DJ's like Tiesto, Avicci, and Alesso to pop darlings Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomeza, this invigorating playlist will undoubtedly minimize city distractions and encourage you to hit the pavement with a little swag in your step-which falls right in line with New Balance's latest Metropolitan Runner campaign, which celebrates urban runners as risk takers and influencers who run not just for exercise, but because it's part of their lifestyle. Even if you're a suburban dweller without a streetlight in sight, use this playlist to drop a little urban edge onto your running route.

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