Exercising on your lunch break can be a great energy booster. Get some tips for fitness workouts that will help you use your time effectively.

Hit the Gym for Your Fitness Workouts

If there's a gym within five minutes from your office, then consider yourself lucky. With a 60-minute lunch break, all you really need is 30 minutes to get in an effective daily workout. "A lot of people think that they need to spend hours in the gym, sweating their heads off to get a good workout-this is not necessarily the case," says Declan Condron, certified personal trainer and co-creator of the PumpOne FitnessBuilder iPhone app.

Have 30 minutes but not sure how to properly use it? Condron suggests doing two back-to-back workout routines without resting in between sets. "You could do a dumbbell squat, then go right into doing a dumbbell chest press. This saves time and allows you to get more done in that short period," he adds.

Head Outside for Your Workout Routines

If the gym is too far, you can still get in an effective daily workout by power walking, jogging, or running a few sets of stairs. "Run the stairs for five minutes, then follow that with some body-weight squats, push ups, dips and sit ups. Repeat that three times for a total of 30 minutes," suggests Condron.

Keep in mind that if you're using your lunch break for fitness, you should prepare and bring a healthy meal to work.

Workplace Exercise Programs

Another idea is to rally a few of your colleagues to chip in for in-office yoga or Pilates. Many instructors will happily instruct a small group in the conference room or another space. You'll have to check with your company for approval of workplace exercise programs.

Workout Schedule: Fitting in the Cleanup

You don't have to return to your desk masking odor with perfume. There are handy products that will help you manage until you get home. Rocket Shower is a body spray cleaner that uses witch hazel and other vitamins to rid you of body odor and bacteria. For your hair, spray a dry shampoo onto the crown of your head and brush it out. It will help absorb the grease and sweat.