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8 Best Exercises for Back Workouts at Home
Strong upper-body muscles (and back muscles, specifically) are not only key for a balanced body, but they're also your best defense against pain, and injury for years to come. And if you spend a lot of your time seated at a desk, fitting in regular home back workouts can help pull your shoulder blades back and keep you upright, improving your posture. Still, without the gym's cable crossover machine or workout benches, it can sometimes seem difficult to do back workouts at home. To help you out, here are eight at-home back exercises to build a strong back and shoulders for an overall more stable you.
This 4-Week Weight Training Plan for Women Is Beginner Friendly
If you're looking to get stronger, try cutting back on cardio for a few weeks to focus on these weight lifting exercises for women that increase metabolism and build lean muscle.
The 10 Best Exercises for Women
Fitness trends may come and go, but combining these classic exercises can help you create some of the best workouts for women.
5 Calorie-Burning Workouts You Can Do In 30 Minutes
Crushing calories isn't everything, but when you're looking for a quick and dirty burner, these routines will help you get sweaty and get on with your life fast.
The 5-Minute Abs Workout Without Planks or Crunches
No boring planks or sit-ups required! Try these flat stomach exercises to get stronger abs while engaging your arms, legs, and glutes too.
The Ultimate Interval Training Workouts for When You're Super Short On Time
Interval training is meant to be tough but quick, so you can work harder (and smarter) not longer. Check out these interval training workout routines for inspiration.

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The Complete Guide to AMRAP Workouts
Fitness pros share the AMRAP meaning and its benefits. Plus, you'll find AMRAP workouts that will help you break a sweat in minimal time.
Plank Variations to Strengthen Your Core for Every Fitness Level
Dealing with wrist pain or want to build shoulder strength? Try these toned-down and leveled-up plank variations to make the exercise work for you.
Pilates vs. Yoga: The Benefits of Each Type of Workout

Find out how the two workouts compare and why they both deserve a spot in your routine, according to fitness experts.