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10 YouTube Accounts to Follow for the Best Workout Videos

Joanna Soh

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Joanna Soh brings a personal trainer sesh to your living room via her best workout videos. The fitness pro provides kickass circuits that burn 400+ calories, strength challenges that call for 1,000 squats and lunges, and more. Your leg muscles are going to be on the very best way. (Related: I Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day for Over a Year)

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Mike Donavanik

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With just enough tough love in his YouTube videos, celebrity trainer Mike Donavanik is basically going to be your virtual sweat BFF. His butt-kicking best workout videos range from kettlebells to kickboxing. You'll love how he maximizes every minute—without being too harsh or too peppy "rah-rah." (You can often hear him huffing and puffing alongside you!)

More workout videos from Mike D:


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Crunched for time? Give MadFit's best workout videos a look. Many of the dozens of options that target your abs, butt, and arms are just 10 to 15 minutes long—you can always sneak in a workout! (Have 5 more minutes? This 20-minute HIIT tempo routine plays with speed in an insanely cool way.)

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Shameless plug alert (!) but follow us on YouTube for videos on deep dives into exercise form (from how to do a proper Chaturanga to learning to master barbell clean and jerks), as well as our 30-day challenges and behind-the-scenes peeks of our cover shoots. Whether you prefer some tough love from Jillian Michaels or are seeking or just looking for some tried-and-true at-home workout videos, we've got 'em. 

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Studio SWEAT onDemand

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Love spinning—but not the hefty price tag of a monthly membership to a swanky studio? Studio SWEAT's best workout videos are like a private cycling class you can take on an indoor bike in the hotel gym or your bike trainer stationed centerstage in your garage. (Related: These Boutique Fitness Studios Now Offer At-Home Streaming Classes)

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Love Pilates but hate the old-school DVDs? Cassey Ho of Blogilates offers short, free Pilates videos that can either be done alone to target specific muscle groups or strung together to make a full-body workout. Her fun yet professional attitude and massive library of the best workout videos have earned her more than 4.5 million(!) YouTube subscribers. (Related: Cassey Ho Created a Timeline of "Ideal Body Types" to Illustrate the Ridiculousness of Beauty Standards)

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Jessica Smith

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Jessica Smith makes the list of best workout videos on YouTube because the perky fitness pro promises "no crazy exercises, revealing outfits, or negative energy here—just common sense fitness, advice, and support from a certified wellness coach, trainer, and instructor with almost 20 years of experience...and my sidekick, Peanut the French bulldog." You can find anything from yoga videos to strength training workouts you can do at home on her channel. 


CrossFit HQ

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For a WOD without the wait, build your own CrossFit routine with a mash-up of moves from the CrossFit HQ YouTube channel. The form demos and at-home workout ideas will keep your muscles stoked—even without stepping foot into a box. They also feature post-workout protein-rich recipes to help you refuel after these workout videos. (Related: The No-Equipment Bodyweight WOD You Can Do Anywhere)

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Featuring everything from 30-minute butt toning workouts to full-body workout videos, the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube has a workout video for every day of the year—plus some. This channel is a great option for those who crave variety.

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alo Yoga

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Stretch out all the kinks from the other best workout videos using this zen YouTube channel from the apparel brand alo Yoga. Don't worry: They're not trying to sell you on anything during their functional flow or the seven days of gratitude—except for, you know, flexibility and inner peace.

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