1. Counting down until summer? Pop in Shape's Bikini Body All Year Round: Toning (82 minutes, $16.99; We love our DVDs, especially this one, which lets you shuffle the order of the moves. It's a great prelude to our Bikini Body Camp--available soon!

2. If you lift weights regularly, check out Get Ripped: Slim & Lean (65 minutes, $14.99; Use dumbbells, a barbell, and a step to do 15 body-sculpting exercises. Techniques like pulses and holds increase the toning power of each move.

3. If you love step, you'll appreciate Cardio Step Express with Gay Gasper (71 minutes, $24.95; This workout has fresh, new step combinations that blast fat (and boredom), plus a challenging abs routine and a yoga-inspired cooldown.

4. Dig calisthenics? Then you'll be into Kick Butt Boot Camp (86 minutes, $19.95; Besides doing the usual boot-campy favorites--like push-ups and jumping jacks--you'll use a medicine ball and step to sculpt and do kickboxing for cardio.

5.Can't stop dancing? Shake your hips to Dance Off The Inches: Tummy Tone Party Zone! (38 minutes, $14.98; Even if you have two left feet, the easy-to-follow steps will have you grooving. You'll blast fat and cinch your waist.

6. If you're a regular kickboxer, get motivated by Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workout For Dummies (54 minutes, $14.98; You get three workouts--each one more challenging than the one before. Newbies will appreciate the 15-minute tutorial.

7. Looking to mix things up? Try Renew You: Cardio Fusion (70 minutes, $14.99; Get a great aerobic workout without that I-can't-catch-my-breath feeling. This routine combines ballet, yoga, Pilates, and strength training to tone your entire body.

8. Bored by your usual workouts? You won't be with Spirit Groove (40 minutes, $19.99; Follow instructor Misty Tripoli's dances or improvise your own moves, all to the beat of live drummers. It's low-impact, but it still raises your heart rate.

9. If you're obsessed with Pilates, get 10-Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates (up to 50 minutes, $14.98; These five 10-minute workouts firm up your butt, thighs, arms, shoulders, and abs--and increase flexibility.

10. A yoga fan? Stretch your way through Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga: The Stretch (60 minutes, $22.95; In addition to flexibility-enhancing stretching, this is a challenging, heart-pounding workout. --reporting by teri hanson