Does this home workout live up to the hype? We know you're curious!


Chances are you've already seen Tony Horton. Built like Brad Pitt but with a sense of humor like Will Ferrell waving a cowbell, he's hard to miss whether he's on late-night TV (pick a channel, any channel) pimping his 10-Minute Trainer workouts or on QVC selling out his wildly popular P90X workout program. When he enthuses, "Just give me 90 days and I'll get you huge results" it sounds a little too good to be true, but having done two cycles myself, I can tell you this is one workout that lives up to the hype. And since Tony, as he asked me to call him in our interview, is coming out with P90X 2 in December 2011, now is the perfect time to try P90X! Here's why:

1. No more plateaus. The core idea behind the P90X workout is what Tony calls "muscle confusion." By doing a different type of workout every day you'll keep your muscles guessing, which means you'll keep them working hard.

2. Entertainment. Tony and his crew crack jokes and do all kinds of hilarious moves (my favorite is The Rockstar) to keep your mind off the pain. And the dude is funny.

3. Well-rounded workouts. Drawing from weight lifting, interval training, yoga, plyometrics, and martial arts, among other things, you'll work your body from every angle thereby increasing your power, strength, balance, and athletic ability.

4. Less risk of injury. Injuries often happen when you repeat the same motion over and over again, as in running. P90X has you changing up your routine so often that it reduces your risk of repetitive use injuries. Also, by working your muscles in different ways, you increase their resilience.

5. No boredom. Hate interval training? No problem, the next day you'll be doing yoga. And the day after that you'll be lifting weights. And the day after that you'll be boxing. With all this variety, you'll find some things you love and some you don't, but as Tony put it, "P90X is about forcing you to work on your weaknesses while still training your strengths."

6. It's a challenge. "If it's easy, it's not working," is Tony's motto. "Is this workout for everyone?" he adds. "No. A lot of people are afraid to work hard." But if you're willing to take the risk, he promises big results.

7. Mental toughness. Forcing yourself to try so many new things can be difficult, but once you find yourself doing something you never thought you could (pull-ups, anyone?), you realize that you're capable of a lot more than you thought.

8. Sound nutrition advice. P90X comes with a diet plan that focuses on eating whole, quality foods in reasonable amounts to fuel your workouts like an athlete. P90X 2 builds on this by offering a tailored approach to allow for different philosophies such as vegetarianism or paleo-style eating.

9. All day calorie burning. "Running may burn a lot of calories while you do it, but lifting weights and doing interval training will have you burning calories around the clock," he explains.

10. Athlete-caliber workouts. Tony has trained many professional athletes and celebrities and uses the same techniques in his program as his does with his more famous clientele.