This full body workout offers equal parts toning, anger management, and stress relief—not to mention, it's the chosen sport of Victoria's Secret models

By Ashley Mateo
April 20, 2015

Boxing has a rep as a boys' sport, but we love strapping on our gloves and getting into the proverbial ring. Beyond the fact that the workout delivers a one-two punch (that would be cardio plus strength training), it's a fool-proof way to relieve stress. And, hey, models swear by it (it's How Adriana Lima Got In Shape for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show). Need any more convincing to give it a try? Here's why boxing is one of our favorite ways to break a sweat:

Because we think we look like this.

When in actuality, we look like this. And that's OK!

Because the Victoria's Secret models swear by it. (Candice Swanepoel is a huge fan.)

Because it will help you sculpt a killer core, no crunches necessary.

Because there is no better way to sculpt jacked arms (just in time for summer!). (Well, there is this Upper Body Workout for Sculpted, Sexy Shoulders.)

Because yay cardio without having to hit the treadmill!

Because even though you're probably not getting into random street fights, it's nice to know you could defend yourself.

Because, yes, you feel like a badass, but you look like one too.

Because the simple act of jabbing and crossing can be downright meditative.

Because you leave feeling like this:

And because that endorphin rush makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

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