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11 Wonderful Struggles of Working Out Outside In the Summer


1. Working out in the sun seems lovely, until you can't see anything because it's too bright.

sun too bright

2. "I know, I'll wear these cool sunglasses!" Just kidding—they fly off during burpees and slide down your nose when you get sweaty. Pug In Sunglasses


3. "Oh, maybe I'll get a nice tan—or, wait I have a racerback tanline and awkward sock lines."


This will look really good in that strapless dress I'm wearing tonight.

4. A sunset run sounds good, until you get 1,000 bug bites in the course of 30 minutes.


And running and itching at the same time is surprisingly hard.

5. Got allergies? Don't even think about doing any exercises in the grass or you'll be scratching everywhere.


6. You might find other unwanted critters in the grass—ahem, spiders.


Or you might find something adorable (like a bunch of baby toads). Bad news: Even if you try to move them all out of the way, you'll probably still squish some (true story).

7. Being outside in the fresh air feels ~amazing~—except for the part where there's no air conditioning.


"Hi, sweat. I don't think I've ever felt this gross in my life."

8. Ditto for that breeze. Until some stray leaves and dust blow into your eyes and temporarily blind you.


Hair everywhere.

9. Getting outside of the gym and away from other humans feels so liberating—until your favorite running or biking path is crazy crowded.


It's like real-life Frogger. At least no one could get in your personal treadmill bubble.

10. Working out in special locations (read: on a beach, in a park, etc.) is amazing, except you're missing all those amazing gym amenities.


Like water fountains, towels, and—most importantly—bathrooms.

11. But in the end, it's all worth it for some of that sweet fresh air.


Because we know we'll be dreaming about this in six months.

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