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15 Gym Problems Only Short Girls Understand

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Short girls in the gym have it tough: Gyms and workout equipment all seem to be designed for men, or at least tall women. It can be a workout just getting ready for your workout as getting set up involves lunging, reaching, hopping, stretching, jumping, and climbing. "The worst part is always having to ask for help," said one 5'1" lady lifter we talked to. "I feel strong and tough and invincible...then I have to turn around and ask some dude for assistance with my next move."


Short sisters, we feel your pain (from stepped-on toes from people who don't see you standing behind them to bonked heads from trying to wrestle a weight off a tall rack). Here are 25 gym problems only shorties can understand.

You always have to ask a stranger to pull down the lat bar to where you can reach it (even if you jump, you miss it half the time).


Capri pants are full-length leggings on you, and full-length leggings are, well, they aren't pretty.


The TVs on treadmills are never angled enough for you to really see anything.


Even when you set the leg-press machine on the closest setting, your legs are just barely bent.


You have to get to spin class early because you know you'll have to adjust everything on the bike down to it's lowest/smallest setting.


All tops are tunic tops.


Fans are always set to blow over your head, so you never get to feel the breeze when you work out.


You can't reach the pull-up bar. Even if you jump. Off a stool.


Sometimes you have to use a resistance band like a slingshot to get the exercise balls off the top rack.


In barre class, the ballet bar comes up to your armpit, so you have to be crazy flexible just to do normal leg lifts.


In kickboxing, you have to do a high roundhouse kick just to hit the bag. If you try to knee it, you can't even reach it.


The bench for the chest press is too tall, so your legs just dangle off each side.


All your yoga pants are destroyed on the bottom from constantly dragging on the ground.


You have to grab the metal part of the elliptical handles, because the padded portion is above your shoulder line.


You can't reach the hooks in the top lockers, so you're always stuck with one on the bottom row...where you get stepped on.




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