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15 Hilarious Stock Fitness Photos

The Untold Story

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So many questions that need answering: Where is this girl that it's appropriate to strike this pose in front of the fireplace in the grand entry? And while wearing a unitard and stilettos? Also... what exactly is she pointing at? We may have just walked into a crime scene.

Spanking Fun

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The first rule of personal training: A good trainer should never lay you across his lap and spank you. (But we agree: Get those hips down!)

Fake Pushups

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We're not exactly sure what exercise this is, but we see this pose a lot in stock photos. Let's just say that when we say "pushup" we mean the exercise, not the bra.

Trippy Group Fitness Class

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Warning: If the room ever gets this fuzzy during your kickboxing class, sit down immediately and put your head between your knees.

Creepy Camera Angles

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When the world is your gynecologist at least you never have to worry about forgetting your yearly check-up! (Seriously Mr. Camera Man? Seriously?)

Scale Station

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Just in case you forget that the only reason you work out is to lose weight, put your yoga mat right in front of a really big scale.

Sexy Pose

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It's one thing to look sexy while you're working out (something fitness models seem to excel at), but it's quite another to strike your best sexy pose and then pick up a weight as if someone just handed it to you and you're looking for the on switch.

Turned-Off TV

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Working out at home with a fitness video is a great idea. An even better idea: turning on your TV before you start.

Rockette Class

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Despite the plethora of pictures depicting women in this pose, I have never once seen a Rockette fitness class at my gym. I am disappointed.

Meditations on a Car Crash

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Since she's smart enough to know how great meditation is you'd think she'd be sensible enough to not do it in the middle of the street. With her eyes closed.

Better Bra

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They're clearly fake but all the same, a woman needs a supportive sports bra.

Heavy Lifting

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How do these thingies work again?

Cheerleader Acrobatics

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Ready? OK! Two, four, six, eight, girls should never perspirate! One, three, five, seven, now I'll point right up to heaven!

Underwear Workouts

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We would never judge anyone for working out in their undies (at home, anyhow) but this inexplicable move plus her surprised face makes us think she's not actually exercising like the photo tag says but is really looking for her lost hair extension.

Blast from the Past

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This is what happened when Equinox tried to come up with their own version of the YMCA dance. Although Jane Fonda as costume designer was pure genius.


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