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15 Low-Calorie Snacks: Satisfy Every Craving for Under 100 Calories

Low-Calorie Snack: Cookies

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For a reasonable 100 calories you can satisfy cookie cravings with two of your favorite childhood cookies like Chips Ahoy or Oreos. The key here is to only take two when enjoying this sweet snack.

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Low-Calorie Snack: Animal Crackers

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If two cookies isn’t enough to satisfy your cookie craving, try another childhood classic: animal crackers! For 100 calories you can enjoy nine of these cute critters.

Low-Calorie Snack: Hershey’s Kisses

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When a chocolate craving hits, grab a few Hershey’s Kisses. For under 100 calories, 89 to be exact, you can enjoy four Hershey’s Kisses. Find out which celeb says it takes just one or two to put her in a good mood.

Low-Calorie Snack: Fat Free Pudding

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What’s the best thing about cool, creamy fat-free pudding? The perfectly portioned single-serving containers. At 100 calories apiece it’s almost impossible to overdo this low calorie snack.

Low-Calorie Snack: Nesquick Low Fat Chocolate Milk

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One container of Nesquick low-fat chocolate milk weighs in at 100 calories. So much easier to monitor than squeezing syrup into your own glass of low-fat milk! Now you can enjoy this sweet snack without fear.

Low-Calorie Snack: Strawberries and Whipped Cream

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sophisticated sweet snack. For just 82 calories you can have five strawberries and one tablespoon of whipped cream. Just don’t sneak any whipped cream straight from the can—calories that don’t hit the plate count too!

Low-Calorie Snack: Dried Fruits and Nuts

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89 calories gets you eight almonds and four dried apricot halves. A pretty good deal considering you’re getting something sweet, savory, chewy and crunchy.

Low-Calorie Snack: Lollipops

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How many licks does it take? We don’t know but we like that it takes a lot to finish this sweet snack. For 60 calories you can enjoy one Blow Pop and get a piece of gum to chew when you’re done. If you need a low-calorie snack to keep yourself from mindlessly munching, lollipops are the way to go.

Low-Calorie Snack: Fruit Snacks

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Looking for something gooey and chewy? Grab a fruit snack pack. No, it’s not as good as the real thing but sometimes it’s just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. One package of fruit snacks is just 89 calories.

Low-Calorie Snack: Popcorn

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Popcorn may be the ultimate salty snack. It’s low in fat, high in fiber and tasty. Grab a hundred calorie mini bag of popcorn to avoid its only downfall: being too darn popable—we’re talking in your mouth, not the microwave.

Low-Calorie Snack: Reduced Fat or Part Skim String Cheese

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String cheese is like the original energy bar. It’s a portable, single serving that’s packed with 6 grams of protein, as much as many “high protein” energy bars, for far fewer calories. Forget soy protein nuggets and corn syrup when you need an energy boost. Grab a 60 calorie reduced fat or part skim string cheese.

Low-Calorie Snack: Edamame

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Edamame isn’t just for the Japanese restaurant anymore. Great before a meal or an afternoon snack, half a cup of edamame sets you back just 95 calories but packs an amazing 8.5 grams of protein to keep you satisfied.

Low-Calorie Snack: Klondike Ice Cream Sandwich

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The problem with low-fat ice cream is that you still have to eat just one serving to keep calories and fat in check. And who can stop at just half a cup? Make things simple and grab an ice cream sandwich where portion size is a no brainer. One Klondike ice cream sandwich is 100 calories—no plus or minus a scoop!

Low-Calorie Snack: Fat-Free Fudge Bar

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Fat-free fudge bars are a great low-calorie snack because for just 65 calories and no fat, you can satisfy your sweet tooth, ice cream and chocolate cravings. Plus, if you eat it too fast you’ll get brain freezer, which forces you to slow down and enjoy!

Low-Calorie Snack: Fruit Bar

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Like the popsicles of your childhood, fruit bars are a cold and refreshing low-calorie snack. Enjoy this icy treat for only 80 calories. Bonus points if you get the kind with real fruit!


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