Inspirational Workout Motivation Quotes That'll Help You Stay Committed

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Let these exercise motivation quotes from legendary female athletes inspire you to keep working toward your fitness goals.

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Best Exercise Motivation Quotes

Inspirational Workout Motivation Quotes That'll Help You Stay Committed
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Life gets in the way of even the best laid plans, and that goes for your plan to get up for early morning runs every day, too. No matter what the reason — even if there frankly isn't one — sticking to workout goals isn't always so easy.

Staying on comitted to your fitness schedule is truly a mental game, so don't underestimate the power of mantras, vision boards, or a good old inspirational exercise motivation quote to help push you out of bed. Seek out those fitness quotes that really resonate with you, and use it and repeat whenever necessary — to get going, to keep going, and to finish those last few reps or strides.

Not sure how to find your perfect exercise motivation quote? Take some inspiration from these encouraging workout quotes from female athletes who know a thing or two about grit. Keep scrolling to find your new fitness mantra.

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Push Through the Struggles

Chloe Kim workout quote

Think of this fitness motivation quote while you're sweating bullets and wondering whether it's worth the effort. Spoiler: It is.

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Accept Failure

Nastia Liukin workout quote

Don't let fear of failure get in your way from getting started or push just another inch further. Take note from this gymnastics all-star for an execise moticaton quote rooted in tough love.

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Be Your Best

Kerri Walsh Jenings workout quote

You know the saying: "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger." This fitness quote take that mentality and levels it up.

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Ignore the Naysayers

Florence Griffith Joyner workout quote

Did someone say something?

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Push Through

Dana Vollmer workout quote

It's the challenging workouts that truly test your limits. This exercise motication quote will remind you that progress is really made when you want to give up, not when something feels so easy you could do it forever.

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No Excuses

Shalane Flanagan workout quote

This exercise motication quote is pretty darn simple, but, hey, it's effective. Essentially, just Put. In. The. Work.

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Effort and Attitude

Alex Morgan workout quote

Soccer star Alex Morgan pretty much sums up any successful atheltes' philosphy on life with her workout motivation quote. Take this mindset with you to every workout, and you're sure to crush every last rep.

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Believe In You

Ronda Rousey workout quote

You might not realize it when you first read this fitness motivation quote, but it's essentially telling you to manifest your success. Don't believe in manifestation? There's actually a lot more science behind the "fake it 'til you make it" concept than you might think. See: How to Manifest Something You Really Want

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Don't Cut Corners

Ronda Rousey workout quote

Heck, if badass fighter Ronda Rousey said it, you know this exercise motivation quote has got to be good. Sounds like a pretty solid recipe for success.

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Keep Challenging Yourself

Gabby Williams workout quote

Another way to say this exercise motivation quote: What doesn't challenge you, won't change you. Not sure physically, but mentally, as well. Don't take the easy route (or weight). Instead, level up and keep grinding to realyl see what you're made of.

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Get Lucky

Simone Biles workout quote

This exercie quote reminds you why you keep pushing yourself every single time you hit the gym.

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Slay the Rough Patches

Dana Vollmer workout quote

If you can conquer that endless set of burpees, what can't you do?

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Keep Playing

Billie Jean King workout quote

Just keep running, biking, swimming, lifting...(or swimming — we know you were thinking of it, Dori). This fitness motivation quote reminds you that failures happen, but that's no excuse to quit. Instead, use your mistakes as fuel to keep going until you get it right.

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Be the Best

Serena Williams workout quote

Your competition won't stand a chance — especially if you have this excerise motivation quote from none other than tennis GOAT Serena Williams ringing in your head.

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Dream Big

Katie Ledecky workout quote

Reach for the stars because you just might hit them. Take note from swimming sensation Katie Ledecky's fitness quote that anything in possible.

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Build Perseverance

Carli Lloyd workout quote

Simple as that.

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Take Chances

Danica Patrick workout quote

This exercise motication quote is all about jumping in the deep end. You can't test the water by wading in the baby pool after all, so don't hesitate to go all out.

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Go For It

Mia Hamm workout quote

Better to try and fail than to never try at all, right? When it comes to exercise quotes, this one serves as a remind that you miss every shot you didn't take. Translater: Take the shot!

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