Combine killer individual moves into 1 to ratchet up the calorie-melting factor and look amazing from every angle




Start in a plank position. Keeping core engaged, spine extended, and weight evenly distributed with wrists below shoulders, step left foot up to outside of left hand without rotating torso. Cross left knee underneath body to touch right elbow, keeping hips and shoulders square to the floor. Thread left leg through to extend out beyond right side of the mat, opening to a side plank and extending right arm to the ceiling. Return to start position. Repeat on the opposite side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.



Stand with feet hip-width apart grasping the top of a SandBell or kettlebell in right hand with an overhand grip. Perform a single-arm swing, hinging at hips and drawing SandBell back between legs. Thrust hips forward, generating power from lower body to raise the SandBell up to shoulder height. Flip SandBell to rest in right palm just above shoulder. Keeping right thumb hooked around the edge of the SandBell, press overhead. Reverse movement. Lower right arm in front of body and complete another swing. As hips press forward and arm reaches shoulder height, release the SandBell mid-air momentarily, switching hands to grip the top of the SandBell with left hand. Repeat on the opposite side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.



Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulders with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing thighs. Maintain a neutral spine and hinge hips back. Shift weight to heels and slowly lower the dumbbells with control, keeping a very slight bend in knees until you feel a stretch in hamstrings. Engage glutes and return to standing with control. Keep core engaged, spine stabilized, and dumbbells close to legs throughout the entire movement. Turn palms to face each other and step out with right foot for a side lunge. Simultaneously bend elbows for a hammer curl. As arms straighten, push off right leg and return to start position. Repeat on the opposite side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.



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Start in a plank position grasping a dumbbell in each hand. Perform a single-arm row, drawing right hand toward ribcage as elbow points straight up to the ceiling. Lower the dumbbell and bend both elbows straight back for a triceps pushup, lowering chest toward the floor. Press back up to high plank and release left dumbbell. Punch left arm straight out in front of body, keeping hips and shoulders square to the floor. Repeat on the opposite side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.



From plank, release right elbow and forearm to the floor, then left elbow and forearm, coming to forearm plank. Press back up to a plank, leading with right hand. Come to a three-legged downward-facing dog, pressing hips upward as chest draws to thighs and right leg extends to the ceiling, keeping hips and shoulders square to the mat. Step right foot between hands, keeping fingertips on the mat for support and coming to a low lunge. Exhale and explode upward, jumping with right foot and driving left knee forward to waist height while driving right arm forward and left arm back, keeping both elbows bent and close to sides. Return to start. Repeat on the opposite side, alternating sides for 12 reps total.



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Hold a SandBell (or medicine ball) at chest level, gripping each side, and perform a goblet squat with toes turned out slightly, pushing hips back and bending knees. On inhale, press the SandBell overhead and rise onto toes. Exhale and forcibly release ("slam") the SandBell to the ground. Quickly jump or step back to a sprawl position, placing hands on the SandBell with left knee bent to outside of left elbow and right leg extended back. Bend elbows and lower body down to just above the SandBell. Slowly push back up, jump feet toward the SandBell, pick it up, and repeat the sequence, performing the sprawl with right leg bent. Continue alternating sides for 12 reps total.