By Stacy Whitman

With this do-anywhere routine just 10-minutes targets your entire body-and includes cardio to boot! To get more quick and effective plans to help you stay fit and sane-no matter how crazy-busy you are check out more of our 10-minute, no-equipment, do-anywhere routines.

What to Do

Jump rope (or run in place if you don't have a jump rope) for 2 minutes, then do each no equipment exercises for 1 minute. Repeat the entire circuit once. Finish with 2 more minutes of jumping rope or running. You'll burn 12 calories jumping rope for just 60 seconds.

Plyo Push-up


Get in plank position with knees on the ground. Bend elbows, lowering chest toward ground [A].

Push up explosively and clap your hands [B].

Standing Crunch to Squat


Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulders, hands behind your head, elbows out to sides. Bend from the hips to the right as you bring right knee toward elbow [A]. Return to starting position, then immediately repeat with left knee and elbow.

Return to starting position, then squat [B]. Repeat the entire sequence at a fast pace.

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