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The 30-Day Tabata-Style Workout Challenge That Will Have You Sweating Like There's No Tomorrow

If you follow any fitness brands on the interwebs, chances are you've seen your share of 30-day fitness challenges—hell, we love them ourselves. So what sets this one apart? The plan is pretty freaking hard. We reached out to Kaisa Keranen, Seattle-based NASM-certified personal trainer, to find the moves that truly give you the most the sculpt for your second. If any of these Tabata exercises seem familiar, it's probably because you've seen Keranen on Instagram (@KaisaFit), where she makes high-intensity, plyometric moves look like child's play. In this 30-day Tabata-style workout challenge, you'll master her favorite no-equipment HIIT exercises, guaranteed to leave you dripping in sweat. "Simply put, Tabata workouts are short and extremely effective," says Keranen. "You'll have a total-body workout in a matter of minutes."

How it works: Each week has four high-intensity exercises designed to give you a full-body blast that you'll never forget. (We're not joking—Keranen might look sweet in these videos, but she means business.) In standard Tabata workout fashion, you'll do each one of these moves for 20 seconds, then take a 10-second rest, making your way through all four moves (note: a super-traditional Tabata technically has eight rounds of exercises; we're having a little more fun with that part). That's one round. Each day will pack on more rounds (don't act like you don't love it). You'll do four rounds of four exercises on Day 1, six rounds on Day 2, nine rounds on Day 3, and 12 rounds on Day 4. Then, on Day 5, you'll do as many rounds as you can for the ultimate #FitIn4Challenge. Feel free to mix in your usual workouts throughout (we suggest this 4-minute circuit from our #Fitin4 series with Keranen), especially on Days 1 through 3, which are a little lighter. On Days 6 and 7, go for a light run or hit up a yoga class. And if you want more from Keranen during or after this Tabata workout challenge, check her bodyweight workout program here.

Tabata-Style challenge

30-Day Tabata-Style Challenge

Week 1

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HIIT Exercises for Week 1

Squat to Punch
Begin standing with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out. Lower into squat position, punching right hand across torso toward the left as you return to standing. ​Alternate punches with each squat rep.

Push-Up with Hand/Knee Tap
Perform push-up, crunching right knee to right elbow as you push up from floor. Alternate sides. 

Ice Skater to Forward jump
Jump out to right side. Jump forward and back. Jump out to left side. Repeat. 

Boat Hold Bicycles
Sitting on floor with hands behind head and legs lifted in front of you, twist torso so opposite elbow touches opposite knee. Alternate sides.

Week 2

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HIIT Exercises for Week 2

Rotating Sumo Squat Jumps
Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Rotate body 45 degrees left as you squat. Jump back to center. Rotate body 45 degrees right as you squat. Repeat, alternating sides.

Plank Jack Push-Ups
Assuming high plank position, bring hands and feet out to side to create star shape as you lower body to floor. Jump hands and feet back to high plank position. Repeat.

Forward Jump with 2 to 1 Jump Back
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Explosively jump forward, landing in squat position. Lightly jump back on right foot, bringing left foot down to a squat. Jump on left foot, bringing right foot down for a squat. Repeat.

Hollow Hold to Knee In
Lie faceup on floor with hands straight back behind head and feet lifted. Bring right knee to torso, sweeping arms to meet knee. Lower leg and torso back to starting position. Bring left knee to torso, sweeping arms to meet knee.

Week 3

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HIIT Exercises for Week 3

Forward Star Jumps
Stand with feet together, knees bent, and hands between legs. Jump forward, reaching arms up into a star shape. Jump back to starting position and repeat. 

Push-Up to Bridge Open
Assume push-up position; lower body to floor. Return to high plank/push-up position, twisting torso to right so right arm and leg are in air. Return to high plank position and repeat on left side.

Lateral Hop to High Knee
Hop to left side. Quickly lift knees to chest to laterally hop back to center. Hop to right side. Repeat. 

Hollow Hold Circle Up to Rotation 
Sit on floor with arms lifted straight back behind you, legs lifted. Raise torso to bring knees to chest, hands swinging to meet straight in front of you. Twist torso so hands touch floor to right side. Bring hands to center. Repeat, alternating sides.

Week 4

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HIIT Exercises for Week 4

Squat to Knee Drive and Punch
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out. Lower into squat position. Punch your right hand across your torso, lifting left leg to chest. Switch sides and repeat.

Push-Up to Opposite Hand/Toe Tap
Assume push-up position; lower body to floor. Kick left across torso to touch right hand. Return to starting position and repeat. 

Lunge Switch to Kick
Bring left leg back into reverse lunge. Quickly switch legs, kicking right leg out in front. Bring right leg behind you into reverse lunge. Repeat.

Hollow Hold to Circle Up
Lie on floor with arms straight behind you, legs lifted. Raise torso to bring knees to chest, hands swinging to meet between legs. Lower back to floor and repeat.


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