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30 Minutes To Sexier Legs

Your Mission
Take the pumped-up enthusiasm of a group cycling class and inject it into your solo workout. You'll burn nearly 350 calories and tone your legs by jogging, climbing, and sprinting--all on a bike. Whether a group class doesn't fit into your schedule or you're bored with your usual workout, this routine is just what the spin doctor ordered.

How It Works
After a warm-up, you'll do two out-of-the-saddle "jogging" intervals, tackle several hills, and end with an all-out sprint to the finish line. Use the level of resistance only as a guideline; adjust it as necessary to meet the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE*).

Sitting on a bike (or crouched over your computer) can make your chest and shoulders tight and stiff. So be sure to stretch those muscles.

Your Workout Plan

What To DoTime (minutes)ResistanceRPE* (1-10)
standing jog3:30-6:30moderate4-5
standing climb6:30-10:00moderate5-6
seated climb10:00-14:30heavy7-8
standing jog14:30-18:00moderate5-6
standing climb18:00-21:30moderate6-7
seated climb21:30-24:30heavy8-9
sprint24:30-27:30light to moderate8-9


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