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30 Reasons Why We Love Yoga

To Learn New Mantras

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You learn seriously cool (and Tweetable) mantras.

For a Natural Detox

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But if you love a juice after class, add these unexpected ingredients.

For a Good Laugh

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You've definitely giggled at these kinds of instructions.

For a Time Out

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Yoga gives you permission to tap out for a bit.

For a Judgement Break

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Enough said.

For the Sense of Accomplishment

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Whether it's crow or something simpler, you can ride that high for the rest of the week.

For an Excuse to Wear Leggings

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Like these eye-catching printed pants (the bolder the better!).

For Flexibility

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And you can put that to good use outside the studio: Why Yogis Are Better in Bed.

For a Different Perspective

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Sometimes, a little wheel pose is all you need to change your outlook.

For a Workout Anywhere

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For Fewer Cravings

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Plus, there are these other 6 Hidden Health Benefits of Yoga!

For the Challenge

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Conquered the shoulder stand? There's always another way to push yourself to the limits.

For Unbelievable Strength

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Who says all workouts need to involve heavy weights?

For the Community

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Yoga is always welcoming.

For an Extra Inch

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Elongate your spine, strength towards the ceiling, voilà—the antidote to your desk jockey job.

For Cute Clothes

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And it doesn't have to be pricey: we've got Cute Yoga Gear Under $40.

For Stress Relief

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Yoga fires up your body’s built-in mechanism to counteract stress, the “relaxation response," shows a study from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. 

For an Intention

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Yoga is never about just going through the motions.

For Your Niche

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From high yoga to naked yoga, whatever your into is covered.

For Your Own Benefit

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You can still reap the benefits of yoga without turning yourself inside out.

For an Inner Challenge

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Don't compare yourselves to others—you can only better your own practice.

For a Zen Day

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For however long your session is, yoga is all about centering yourself and maintaining that zen-like feeling for the rest of the day.

For the Workout

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Have they tried to flow from pose to pose for an hour straight?

For Something Different

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There's bikram and vinyasa and more, but even within those techniques, every flow is different.

For Tension Relief

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It's like a massage without the hefty price tag.

For Bare Feet

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Forget the pricey running kicks—you get to go bare.

For the Gift

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Yoga feels like a gift to your body, while other classes can feel like a punishment.

For the Nap

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Ahhh, savasana!


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