By Rebecca Brown
August 25, 2009

No matter where you're headed, vacationing is a great time to relax, escape, and indulge. Whether you use your time off to sleep in or tour every corner of the world, there's no reason why exercising should be placed on the back burner. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate fitness into your travel plans and return home healthier than when you left.


Find out if your hotel has a gym, pool, or an agreement with a nearby health club. You can also search online to find out how close you are to nearby parks with trails or stairs.

Pack Right

If there's no gym in sight, bring it with you. You can get a full body workout with resistance bands, or simply utilize hotel room furniture. A chair can easily be used for triceps dips and a closed door is the perfect place to secure your resistance cables. A jump rope is a great way to incorporate cardio.

Step It Up

If you don't want to spend your vacation in a sterile hotel gym, put on a pedometer, get outside, and walk. Aim for around 10,000 steps throughout the day to burn roughly 400 calories*. Wear it the morning you wake up and don't take it off until you're ready to go to sleep.


For a unique sightseeing opportunity-and a real cardio boost-consider booking a bike tour. You'll get to see everything at a faster pace, while burning extra calories. For those heading to beach towns, another active option is to rent kayaks; paddling for an hour burns roughly 345 calories.

*Calorie estimates based on a 145-pound woman

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