Try This Monthly Workout Plan to Overhaul Your Fitness Routine

This simple workout plan will help you crush any fitness goal with its strength, cardio, HIIT, and recovery components.

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You may hear recommendations to do cardio three times a week, strength twice, and active recovery once, but keeping track of a balanced workout plan each week can get hectic. Not to mention, it can absolutely be difficult to Tetris your workouts together to create a plan that'll help you meet your fitness goals while working with your schedule.

Need some guidance? Turn to this monthly workout plan to gain strength, build your cardio endurance and abilities, and feel like you're on track to crush anything in your path — all in four weeks. Follow along using the calendar below for a far-from-boring exercise schedule that'll keep you interested and keep your muscles guessing. Each week is designed to grow progressively more intense to help maximize your results and avoid a progress plateau.

Don't forget: Your eating habits play a huge role in any fitness goal and in your overall health, so be sure to pair this monthly workout plan with a healthy diet. Stick with nutritious meals packed with moderate portions of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables. And make sure you fuel up properly before and after each workout with healthy pre- and post-workout snacks. (See also: How to Eat Healthy Without Giving Up Anything)

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 1

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 2

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 3

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 4

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