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5 Fun Ways to Burn Fat Without the Gym

Need an Excuse to Skip the Gym?

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During the long, sunny days of summer, the stuffy gym can be especially unappealing. Personally, I would much rather spend as much time outside as possible. But skipping the gym doesn’t mean skipping my workout; it just means crushing calories while having tons of fun!

Hiking, speed walking, and swimming are all great ways to torch fat in the great outdoors, but if you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone, I have the perfect workouts for you. The following activities are challenging, but I guarantee they will work wonders on your body! (If these sports are not accessible, keep them in mind for staying fit on vacation.)

Stand-Up Paddleboard

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This is one of my favorite core workouts, but stand-up paddleboard also improves posture, balance, and aerobic conditioning. Another added benefit is a calmer state of mind from the peaceful environment.

Body benefits:

  • Continually works the deep core muscles which flattens out the stomach
  • Recruits the stabilizer muscles to stay balanced
  • Combines cardio and strength training, which results in a lean strong figure

Rock Climbing

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I use this sport to help me tackle my fear of heights, which helps me reach goals in other areas of my life, but rock climbing is also extraordinary for toning from head to toe.

Body benefits:

  • Tones up your legs and rear while they propel you up the rock
  • Keeps the shoulders, biceps and triceps red-carpet ready
  • Improves confidence and can-do attitude

Outdoor Yoga

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This is another activity that has superior mind/body benefits. The level or type of yoga does not matter, as long as you enjoy it! This practice leaves me feeling energized, focused, and light hearted.

Body benefits:

  • The deep breathing stimulates the relaxation response and relieves stress
  • The postures improve flexibility, strength, and posture
  • Helps relieve chronic pain

Beach Volleyball

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Beach volleyball is an incredible total-body workout. The sand challenges every muscle in the body, burning a serious amount of calories. It does not matter if you are a beginner or pro, your body will score the same incredible benefits!

Body benefits:

  • Jumping in the sand tightens the rear and gives it a perfect shape
  • Swinging gets the shoulders and back very strong
  • Major cardio workout while having fun!

Jumping Rope

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Jumping rope is the ultimate fast and effective workout. This simple exercise blasts calories and defines the legs and arms at the same time.

Body benefits:

  • Burns excess weight in the mid section to reveal good-looking abs
  • Strengthens back, shoulders and biceps from turning the rope
  • Defines thighs, calves, and hamstrings

Enjoy whichever sport or activity you choose and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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