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6 Stick-with-it Secrets

Everyone has days she just doesn't feel like working out -- even with a program
as fresh and fun as ours. Here, Chicago-based personal trainer Sharon Mehalek
offers strategies to help you through the motivation slumps.

1. skip and expand

If you miss a workout, make your next session
a challenge day. For your strength workout, do an extra set of moves or up the
weight. If you miss a cardio workout, tack an extra 10 minutes of moderate-intensity
activity onto your next workout or go for a higher-intensity option.

divide and conquer

If time is tight, do just 1 set of each resistance move
(try fewer reps with heavier weights) or 20 minutes of cardio (preferably doing
intervals, such as Rolling Hills). Repeat 2-3 times instead of 5-6 times.

just do it

Start your workout, even though you don't feel like it. Put on your
workout clothes, tie your shoes, get out there and, chances are, by the time
you've done all that, your mind will be back in the game.

4. change the scenery
If you do every workout at the gym, try doing a few outside if weather permits.
Take a kickboxing class in place of a cardio session -- or substitute a yoga
class for a strength workout. Get creative!

5. partner up
Plan on doing your
program with a pal, and you'll be less likely to 86 your exercise plans.

get over it

Don't beat yourself up for one missed workout. Focus on the ones
you have done, then get right back in the saddle.


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