6 Summer Calorie Burners


Don't just lounge at the beach, park or pool, get moving and blast some calories. These sports are an ideal way to mix up your routine and make your cardio more fun.

Beach Volleyball

Find a partner and work up a sweat trying to keep the ball in play. Sand provides an unstable surface, which makes beach workouts more challenging and burns more calories.

Burns 484 calories an hour *

Frisbee Throwing

Pack a Frisbee on your next picnic or beach outing and toss it around with a friend. Don't wait for the Frisbee to come to you; sprinting to catch it will blast more calories.

Burns 208 calories an hour


Hit a bucket of balls at your local driving range for an awesome arm workout. If you play a round of golf and forego the cart, you'll burn an extra 140 calories an hour.

Burns 381 calories an hour


Grab a paddle and cool off with this refreshing workout. Water provides excellent resistance for sculpting the upper body.

Burns 346 calories an hour


Instead of just hanging out at the beach, hang 10! Paddling out to catch a wave works your arms, while staying balanced on the board engages your core.

Burns 208 calories an hour


Dive in, cool down and tone up at your local pool. Mix up your laps by doing drills with a kickboard or alternate strokes for an effective head-to-toe workout.

Burns 415 calories an hour at a 25 yards/min pace

*Calorie estimates based on a 145-pound woman.

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