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8 No-Sweat Workouts

No Time to Shower? No Problem!

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Whether you want to squeeze in a workout on your lunch hour or just don’t want to wreck an amazing blowout, there are times when a super-sweaty gym session just won't do. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout altogether! When it comes to exercise, more sweat doesn’t mean better results. We've rounded up eight of our favorite routines that offer plenty of benefits but won't leave you drenched.

Slim, Sculpted, and Sane

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This plan combines deep breathing with hard-hitting strength moves to give you a total-body (and mind) workout in just 7 minutes. Try this sequence whenever your stress level is sky-high to relieve tension, focus your energy, and sculpt a strong, sexy body. All you need is a mat so you can do it almost anywhere!

Click here to get the full workout routine.

Stretching for Strength

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Sweat-free days are a great opportunity to focus on flexibility. And with resistance stretching, which is all the rage among elite athletes, you can build strength at the same time.

"[Resistance stretching] is an excellent way to increase strength while improving range of motion, reducing injury, and avoiding excess muscle mass gain," says Michael Schiemer, B.S., CPT, and owner of Frugal Fitness. Even better, it needs no equipment!

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Tone Without Moving

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This static sculpting routine is a killer way to fit in some resistance training without ending up drenched in sweat. Plus, holding a single position of an exercise can help your body learn the right form while also building tendon and ligament strength—all using just your body weight. Don't let the idea of not moving fool you, this workout is tough!

Click here for the full isometric workout routine.

On a Roll

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Staying dry is the perfect excuse to finally do some serious foam rolling. Grab one of these versatile pieces of equipment to work out the kinks in your muscles, relax your neck, or amp up traditional strength moves or yoga poses. The possibilities are endless!

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The 10-Minute Yoga Routine

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Beyond keeping sweat at bay, this 10-minute yoga sequence can help you feel calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated after (or in the middle of) a stressful day at work. Plus, yoga provides an array of health benefits that improve your daily life—reduces inflammation and oxidative stress (which helps minimize signs of aging), boosts "feel-good" chemicals in the brain, strengthens immunity, improves posture, combats depression, and increases energy levels.

Try this quick yoga routine whenever you need to recharge.

Beach-Body Pilates

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Pilates is a fantastic way to create strong, tight muscles all around your waist, meaning you'll improve your posture and look taller and leaner. Grab a mat and try these 10 moves for an effective, low-impact workout. (Warning: if you actually do this routine on the beach, we can't guarantee you won't sweat).

Click here for the full Pilates workout.

The 5-Minute Abs Workout

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Can't get too sweaty and tight on time? Ditch that double whammy of an excuse and make it an abs-centric day with this super-short belly blaster. It may be brief, but you’ll feel the burn—we promise!

Click here for the full 5-minute abs workout.

The Good-Morning Workout

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Waking up early to fit in a morning workout is hard on its own; add on time to shower and dry your hair, and suddenly it's easy to justify hitting "snooze." But now there's no excuse! This good morning workout uses gentle moves to help you wake up and feel energized. It's the perfect first step to becoming a morning exerciser.

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