We got the dirt from—and in some cases on—group fitness instructors


Obviously, group fitness classes are awesome for you-working out with others can bring out your competitive side, and the friends you make in class will motivate you to show up. (Check out The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes.) But, let's be honest, when you put a bunch of strangers in a room and tell them to work out together, it can be pretty funny. We polled group fitness instructors from our favorite NYC studios to find out some of the funniest moments they've had in their classes. The results will crack you up-and hopefully inspire you to have your own fun in a group fitness class soon!

"I was teaching the class sitting up on the handlebars of a bike-and I fell off. Everyone was in hysterics."

-Ian McAndrew, Soul Cycle Instructor


"In our classes, we do a lot of mirroring (where the dancers mimic our movements). Several times when I've stopped dancing in class to watch or interact with someone, a client also stops and mirrors what I'm doing-including bending down to tie my shoe!"

-Jess Evans, ((305)) Fitness Instructor


"My class was doing partner pushups (down at the same time, tap each others right hand, down, tap with left). One partner wasn't paying attention-and trying to get as many reps in the last 30 seconds-and slapped their partner in the face."

-Carlos Davila, The Fhitting Room


"During the last set of 45-second plank holds in the class-no music in the background-you hear a fart. To their credit whoever did it never came down from their plank (if anyone comes down before the timer ends, we start it again.)"

-Carlos Davila, The Fhitting Room


"I was teaching with one of our instructor's for her debut class at The Fhitting Room and she was wearing a long sleeve shirt with thumbholes. She was demonstrating how to do a kettlebell swing, and because she had her sleeves pulled down using the thumbholes, she didn't have the best grip and literally threw the kettlebell across the room as she swung up."

-Java Martinez, The Fhitting Room


"When I teach class I really like to use people's names (I think it really helps motivate them to push themselves.) As per usual, I was name-dropping a client's name throughout the entire class. She comes up to me after the class to tell me her name was Kristen, not Rachel. I wasn't even close!"

-Ben Wegman, The Fhitting Room


"James Brown is one of my go-to playlist hype men. The energy and passion are palpable in all of his music. On one occasion, while playing "Super Bad," James screams and a runner audibly yelped, jumped off the mill and ducked for cover. I now warn runners before he hits the highest notes: 'Never fear, just a little James Brown in here!'"

-Coach Andia Winslow, Mile High Run Club


"I try to comfort first time riders by assuring them that the bike isn't going anywhere. Well, I ate my words one time when half way through class I noticed a bike starting to magically drift away. The crazy thing was that the rider seemed totally cool and kept going through the sprint (respect)! I immediately jumped off my bike to assess the situation. I noticed a large puddle beneath the bike and worried that this was a case of excessive perspiration. Luckily it was just a spilled water bottle, so with a quick towel dry and realignment, we were back in business."

-Andy Harris, SWERVE Instructor


"I had a student who couldn't get her shoes off of the (rowing) machine so she decided to just leave them in the rower while we did the mat work portion of class."

-Annie Mulgrew, Director of Programming, CityRow


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