Are You Annoying? 6 Bad Habits At The Gym


Men leaving machines dripping with sweat, women gabbing (explicitly) about dates-you see (and hear!) it all at the gym. We asked SHAPE staffers and Facebook fans to share the bad habits that annoy them most. Hope you don't recognize yourself in these scenarios!

#1 Bad Habit at the Gym

"It makes me cringe when a sweaty gym-goer jumps into the pool. It's not your personal bathtub!"

-Erin Leigh, Facebook post

#2 Bad Habit at the Gym

"I hate when someone puts a yoga mat right in the middle of a big opening. It's like taking up two parking spaces!"

-Sharon Liao, Senior Health and Nutrition Editor

#3 Bad Habit at the Gym

"I've seen women shave their legs in the steam room! It's so not the place to take care of hygiene needs."

-Corin Tablis Cashman, Facebook post

#4 Bad Habit at the Gym

"I want to scream when people hover behind me on a weight machine

and sigh. It doesn't make me move any faster!"

-Maggie VanBuskirk, Assistant Managing Editor

#5 Bad Habit at the Gym

"Why do people chat throughout workout classes? If you can talk that much, you're not working hard enough!"

-Ella Farrington Jelks, Facebook post

#6 Bad Habit at the Gym

"My biggest pet peeveis when people ‘reserve' ellipticals with towels-then

don't come back for 20 minutes."

-Juno DeMelo, Associate Editor

Have you ever said something to a rude gym-goer to get him or her to stop? Tell us what happened!

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