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How to Do Hammer Curls
If you've only been doing traditional biceps curls, here's why you should add hammer curls to the mix.
This Kettlebell Arm Workout Is a One-Two Punch of Strength and Stability Training
Dumbbells and barbells aren’t the only weights you should grab when looking to strengthen your upper body. Try this kettlebell arm workout next time for an effective and fun alternative to your usual biceps curls. 
This Simple Dumbbell Biceps Workout Will Help You Sculpt Stronger Arms
Your biceps play a large role in carrying out everyday tasks, as well as upper-body and back exercises — if you want to increase your strength, training your biceps is the way to go. Enter: this biceps workout with weights.
How to Do Pull-Ups at Home Without a Pull-Up Bar
Take it from an expert—three-time American Ninja Warrior Angela Gargano.

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This 5-Minute Arm Workout with Dumbbells Fits Into Any Schedule
In a rush to squeeze in a good sweat? All you need is a few minutes, a set of dumbbells, and a little space to crank out this dumbbell arm workout.