Try this CrossFit WOD at home, while traveling, or at a regular gym to get a taste of CrossFit training outside the box.

By By Rea Frey
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In the world of CrossFit, heavy barbells and intense WODs (aka workouts of the day) reign supreme. While you can hit your local box (even while traveling!) to get a killer workout, that's not always an option.

What if you want to attempt a WOD (and reap some of the benefits of CrossFit-style training) but you don't have access to any equipment?

Introducing the perfect no-equipment bodyweight WOD that you can do at a regular gym, right at home, or while traveling. Kyle Hopkins, the owner of Nashville CrossFit Rising Sun, created a workout for those who want a taste of CrossFit-without all the heavy lifting. (That being said, you can create a decent home gym with these pieces of CrossFit equipment.)

This bodyweight WOD is easy enough for beginners but can be adapted to challenge even the most seasoned athlete. "Remember, there's no need to make every workout fancy or try to reinvent the wheel," says Hopkins. "Old exercises are old because they still work! Don't skimp on the basics. They are often the most effective and functional movements you can do because they translate to real-world movements." (Related: The Beginner-Friendly CrossFit Workout You Can Do At Home)

Indeed, this no-frills workout still packs a ton of athletic benefits: cardiovascular endurance, upper- and lower-body strength, muscular endurance, dynamic lateral movement with a shift in direction (requiring balance and agility), and core strengthening. "It tests your power, strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance, stamina, and lactic threshold," he says. "The advanced version even offers explosive plyometric work." (BTW, this is the difference between muscular strength and endurance.)

Already intimidated? "It's very easy to scale down the number of rounds, reps, and distance of the run or even make it a walk," says Hopkins. Below, there's a scaled (or beginner) version, an Rx option (which is CrossFit slang for the standard workout), and even an Rx+ option if you're super advanced. Ready to WOD? Have at it.

How it works: Complete the warm-up, then proceed to the WOD itself. You'll do either three or four rounds for time (RFT): That means you simply complete all the rounds and record your time so you that if you do the workout again in the future, you can compare your performance.


  • 6 squats
  • 6 alternating reverse lunges
  • 6 alternating side lunges
  • 10 arm circles in each direction
  • 20-second hold of cobra pose

No-Equipment Bodyweight WOD

Rx (Standard Workout): 4 rounds for time

400m run (equivalent to one lap around a track or .25 miles)

20 push-ups

10 sit-ups

Beginner: 3 rounds for time

300m run (About .19 miles. You can walk if needed.)

30 bodyweight squats

20 push-ups (Modify by dropping to knees or performing incline push-ups with hands on a box/bench/wall if needed.)

10 sit-ups (Place soles of feet together in "butterfly" position. Hands touch ground behind head and then touch feet at top. Modify to a basic crunch if needed.)

Rx+ (Advanced Workout): 4 rounds for time

400m run

30 skater hops

10 v-ups

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The only thing I would add to this routine is some resistance band training. The bands are cheap to buy online and super effective at toning and core training.