Maximize fat-burn while sculpting and toning your muscles in this 30-minute treadmill and strength training interval workout

By Kylie Gilbert
January 02, 2015

If you're a fan of the celeb-endorsed, party-themed classes from Barry's Bootcamp, you're in luck. We tapped celebrity trainer Derek DeGrazio of Barry's Bootcamp Miami Beach to create an exclusive 30-minute cardio-strength workout designed to burn fat while toning your abs, butt, and core (the "ABCs") using Barry's Bootcamp's signature interval format. (Here, 15 Boutique Fitness Classes You Can Do at Home!)

Here's how it works: The treadmill rounds alternate between incline and sprint intervals to burn fat, while the three strength training rounds "overload" the muscles to sculpt and tone. Feel free to increase the weight if you wish-"the bigger the weight, the bigger the change," says DeGrazio.


1 treadmill

1 set of free weights (5-10 pounds)

1 mat or towel

Suggested Treadmill Speeds:

Beginner: Jog 5.0. Run 6.0. Strong Run (SR) 7.0. Sprint 8.0+

Intermediate: Jog 6.0. Run 7.0. SR 8.0. Sprint 9.0+

Advanced: Jog 7.0. Run 8.0. SR 9.0. Sprint 10.0+

Round 1

Minutes 0-5: Treadmill Warm-Up

0-1: Jog

1-2: Run

2-3: Jog

3-4: Run

4-5: SR

Minutes 5-10: Strength Training

5-6: Squat with Front Raises

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and hold 2 hand weights in front of thighs, arms extended down, palms facing body. Slowly sit back in a squat, leading with backside, weight on heels, legs parallel to the floor, knees behind toes. Simultaneously, raise both arms away from body. Finish with arms locked in front of face, while seated in a 90-degree angle squat. Repeat for 1 minute.

6-6:30: Flutter Kicks

Lie back on a mat or towel. Raise legs about 6-8 inches off the floor, feet flexed, one leg higher than the other, and begin fluttering, alternating each leg up and down for 30 seconds.

6:30-7:30: Squat with Front Raises

7:30-8: Flutter Kicks

8-9: Squat with Front Raises

9-10: Forearm Plank

Lie on stomach, forearms and hands on ground, elbows under shoulders. Press off the ground using forearms and balls of feet. Keeping back straight, hold position for 1 minute. Make sure to breathe!


Round 2

Minutes 10-15: Treadmill Incline Interval

10-11: Run – 2 percent incline

11-12: Run – 6 percent incline

12-13: Run – 4 percent incline

13-14: Run – 8 percent incline

14-15: Run – 10 percent incline

Minutes 15-20: Strength Training

15-16: Right Lunge with Raise

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at sides, each holding a hand weight, palms facing each other. Step forward with right leg, chest out, shoulders back. While lunging forward, raise both arms away from body, engaging core, finishing with leg in front, knee behind toes, and arms extended at eye level. Repeat for 1 minute.

16-16:30: Hollow Rocks

Lie on back, legs extended and raised about 10 inches off floor, arms behind head, biceps glued to ears. Maintain this position and rock forward and backward on lower back for 30 seconds.

16:30-17:30: Left Lunge with Raise

17:30-18: Hollow Rocks

18-19: Alternating Lunges with Raise

19-20: Planks with Hip Twist

In forearm plank position as explained previously, twist right hip to touch the ground, keeping shoulders squared, then switch to the left side. Continue alternating for 30 seconds.

Round 3

Minutes 20-25: Treadmill Sprint Interval

20-21: Jog

21-22: SR

22-23: Sprint

23-24: Run

24-25: Sprint

Minutes 25-30: Strength Training

25-26: Plié with Side Raise

Stand with feet a little wider than hip-width apart, heels facing in, toes facing out, hands with weights behind butt, palms facing butt. Sit down into a plié, butt leading back and down, chest out. While sitting back, raise arms to each side, palms facing forward. Finish with legs parallel with instep facing forward and arms extended to the side at eye level. Repeat for 1 minute.

26-26: 30: Bicycle Kicks

Lying on back, hands cradled behind ears, legs extendered and raised off the ground a few inches. Twist right elbow to left knee, extended the right leg, then switch, left elbow to right knee. Repeat for 30 seconds.

26:30: 27:30: Plié with Side Raise

27:30: 28: Bicycle Kicks

28-29: Plié with Side Raise

29-30: Plank Forward/Backward Rocks

Start in forearm plank position as previously explained. Rock body forward, bringing shoulders over hands, flipping toes over so shoelaces on the ground. Then rock back to plank. Repeat for 30 seconds.