Updated: September 22, 2017

To reap the health benefits of yoga, choose the Christy Turlington yoga program.

Workout routines that incorporate yoga poses help tone your body and help make you healthier. Try Christy's free yoga exercises today!

The next time you see a woman with sculpted muscles, don't assume that she spends hours in the gym. She may have a yoga body from incorporating yoga positions in her workout routines.

Christy Turlington knows. Like an ever-growing number of Americans, she's a yoga devotee who hits the mat for more than stretching and stress relief. She says it's her secret to staying lean and toned. "To hold a yoga posture, your muscles have to work hard to keep your body steady and support your weight," explains Steve Ross, owner of Los Angeles-based Maha Yoga. "At the same time, you're elongating the muscles, which is what helps create that long, lean look."

To maintain her catwalk-caliber body, Turlington attends yoga class at least three or four times a week. Besides conditioning her muscles, her yoga workout routines help keep her energized and focused -- crucial for a career woman who, between photo shoots, is busy designing new lines of clothing (which she shows off on these pages) and skin-care products. "Yoga really gets me going, especially when I'm tired," she says.

Here, Turlington demonstrates super sculpting workout routines designed by Ross, one of her favorite instructors, who says these classic yoga poses are some of the best for building strength, flexibility and balance. If you're new to yoga, you may be surprised at how challenging it is to hold your body in these yoga positions. If you're already a yogi, this is your chance to use this free online yoga to fine-tune your moves so you can get the full health benefits of yoga out of every workout.

But the point of this workout isn't to torture yourself with the goal of perfection. "Goals are great," Turlington says. "But yoga has taught me that if you can genuinely be in the moment, life is much, much richer."

Yoga Positions – Christy Turlington Yoga Beauty Plan

The benefits of yoga will definitely start to show as you work through this free online yoga workout.

You will feel stronger and healthier as you continue to perform these free yoga exercises and yoga poses.

The free online yoga workout

Before beginning this series, warm up with the Sun Salutation or by taking a brisk five-minute walk. You can also climb the stairs in your house, if that's easier. As with all workout routines, warming up will make it easier for your body to perform the yoga positions.

For each of the yoga positions in the workout, hold the final position for 5 complete breaths. Keep your inhale and exhale equal length. You'll do the whole series of yoga poses with one lead leg first, then again with your other leg leading. When you've gone through it on both sides, relax in Forward Bend and come up slowly, breathing deeply. Feel free to repeat the series once or twice if you want to enjoy the full health benefits of yoga.

To make balancing easier, find a point on the floor about 3-4 feet in front of you. With eyes relaxed, look at the spot while you take your time to get into position. Find your balance, then focus on the point as you hold your pose and breathe deeply. Remembering to breathe correctly maximizes the health benefits of yoga.

Do the routine 3-4 times per week. Although Christy Turlington yoga plan makes the workout routines look simple, some of the yoga poses, especially the balancing ones, may be tough for a beginner, so modifications are listed with each caption. Don't be afraid to try them, though. You may be stronger -- and more centered -- than you think.

Sun salutation warm-up yoga positions

  • Start in Mountain Pose: feet together, legs straight, arms by sides.
  • Inhale; sweep arms overhead, touch palms.
  • Exhale; bend forward at hips, release arms and head toward floor to Forward Bend, legs slightly bent or straight.
  • Inhale; look forward and straighten and elongate spine.
  • Exhale; step back with right foot, leg straight, heel lifted, and bend left knee over ankle into a Lunge.
  • Inhale; lift arms overhead, forearms parallel. Keep breastbone lifted, spine long, shoulders down.
  • Exhale; bend forward and put hands on either side of left foot.
  • Inhale; move right foot back to meet left for Plank Pose, body in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Exhale; lower torso to floor.
  • Inhale, pressing upper torso up off floor to an Upward-Facing Dog.
  • Exhale; lower torso to floor.
  • Inhale; turn toes under.
  • Exhale; lift hips into an inverted V or Downward-Facing Dog.
  • Inhale; bring right foot forward, keeping left leg straight and lifting arms overhead for a Lunge.
  • Inhale; bring left foot to meet right, and resume Forward Bend.
  • Inhale; sweep arms overhead to Mountain Pose.
  • Exhale; release arms to sides.
  • Repeat series three to four times on each side.

The Christy Turlington yoga beauty plan can make you stronger and more flexible, so try these free yoga exercises today!


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